What would your day, or your world, be like if everything that bothered you could be said?

What would change in your daily life if in all theabusive behaviors you receive you could shout #me_enoxleis?


 The culture of consent paves a way to eliminate violent and abusive behaviors. It helps self-direction, free expression of the individual, while framing all interpersonal relationships (intimate or not) with respect, empathy and active listening. All of the above gradually leads to a society of equality.Through the #me_enoxleis campaign, we wink at those individuals who do not practice consent by seeking to make a positive contribution to familiarising them with good practices. At the same time, we seek to empower women in a culture far from victim blaming.

Social Need

For 2021, the Gender Equality Index published by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) gave Greece a score of 53.4 out of 100, placing it, for another year, at the bottom of the ranking for full gender equality.At the same time that sexual abuse is on the rise (Hellenic Police 2020 and 2021), sex education remains a non-compulsory subject in public schools.  In fact, our experience in schools in Greece shows that only a limited number of teachers are familiar with sex education issues

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Genderhood implements awareness- raising activities on consent in schools in Attica. If you would like to invite us, please contact us at